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How Do I Get a RIDE from a Volunteer Driver? 


  1. Click here to find the volunteer driver programs in your county.

  2. Be prepared to answer a few basic questions. Where do you want to be picked up? Where do you want to go?

  3. How will you be paying for the ride? Remember that although they are providing the ride for free, the service still costs money to the program. There are four basic answers to that question: MA/Social Services; Managed Care; Private Pay; and I don’t know help me figure it out. 

  4. Remember that it takes a bit of planning to get a ride lined up for the first time, especially if you need to work through an application process, so leave some time for the paperwork.

  5. If you have question, please call the NWRTCC coordinator, Lynnell Popowski at 218-745-9139.
    She will direct you to a volunteer driver program near you.

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