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NWRTCC Members

Leon Olson, Kittson County Commissioner, NWRTCC Chair (Email)

Sharon Bring, Marshall County Commissioner, NWRTCC Vice-Chair (Email)

Kim Johnson, NWRDC Representative (Email)

OPEN, Polk County Commissioner

Chuck Flage, Red Lake County Commissioner (Email)

Marvin Gunderson, Norman County Commissioner (Email)

Seth Nelson, Pennington County Commissioner (Email)

Jack Swanson, Roseau County Commissioner (Email)

Kristi Nelson, Social Services Representative (Email)

Danica Robson, Aging Services Representative (Email)

Brian Carlson, Medical Provider Representative (Email)

Mark Schidtke, Workforce Development Representative

Brett Brandon/Domita Mack, Veterans Services Office (Email)

Mark Bertilrud, Disability Services Representative (Email)

Marcia Haglund, Regional Transit Provider, Tri-Valley (Email)

Lezlie Grubich, Regional Transit Provider, Paul Bunyan (Email)

Dyana Dunnigan, Regional Transit Provider, Fosston Bus (Email)

Nancy Ellis, Regional Transit Provider, Metro Area Transit - Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, (Email)

Rudy Finseth, Private Transportation Provider, R & L Ride Service (Email)

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