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NWRTCC Members

Sharon Bring, Marshall County Commissioner, NWRTCC Chair (Email)

Warren Strandell, NWRDC, Polk County Commissioner (Email)

Chuck Flage, Red Lake County Commissioner (Email)

Jess Lee, Norman County Commissioner (Email)

Theresia Gille, Kittson County Commissioner (Email)

Seth Nelson, Pennington County Commissioner (Email)

Glenda Phillipe, Roseau County Commissioner (Email)

Theresia Gillie, Kittson County Resident (Email)

Kristi Nelson, Social Services Representative (Email)

Stephanie Aasness, Area Agency on Aging/Senior LinkAge Line (Email)

Brett Brandon/Domita Mack, Veterans Services Office (Email)

Marcia Haglund, Regional Transit Provider, Tri-Valley (Email)

Lezlie Grubich, Regional Transit Provider, Paul Bunyan (Email)

Mark Bertilrud/Jenna Jensen, Warroad Senior Living Center (Email)

Stacey Osowski Urbaniak, Social Services (Email)

Susan Askeland, Warren Supporting Our Seniors (Email)

Heather Everson, Options (Email)

Rudy Finseth, Private Transportation Provider, R & L Ride Service (Email)

Jim and Valerie Sears, MTL Specialized Transport (Email)

Dyana Dunnigan, Regional Transit Provider, Fosston Bus (Email)

Nancy Ellis, Regional Transit Provider, Metro Area Transit - Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, (Email)

Teri Kuba, Forks MPO (Email)

Judy DelValle, East Grand Forks Senior Center (Email)

Tammy Haugen, Thief River Falls DAC (Email)

Jean Ann Bienek, Polk County DAC (Email)

Darcy Hestekind, Marshall County LAH Programs (Email)

Shannon Abrahamson, Adult Mental Health Initiative (Email)

Jennifer Olson, Emergency Manager (Email)

Connie Troska, Area Agency on Aging Program Developer/NWRDC Marketing (Email)

Darla Waldner, NWRDC Executive Director (Email)

Michelle Litchig, MNDOT (Email)

Tom Gottfried, MNCOTA (Email)

Tori Hunkus, MNDOT (Email)

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